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How The Brief Chat And Task Management App Can Help Increase Team Efficiency

In modern times, work is more remote than ever. Countless tasks are handled out of offices and teams are much more remote than they ever were. Even corporations now hire remote workers. The problem is that working with numerous people from different locations is difficult, especially when this covers numerous time zones. This is where an app like Brief comes in to help.

Brief is practically an app that aims to make project management faster and easier. It helps with communication, file sharing, to-do lists and so much more. You even get access to a lot of information thanks to the perfectly ran Brief Blog. Brief effectively combines tasks, file sharing, chats and more, with the following main features being of extreme importance.


Brief allows you to remove email from your task system since you no longer need to use it. This is a huge advantage when it comes to working efficiency. Chat messaging is practically replacing email use. Workers automatically use better language and chat is even better for work purposes because:

  • You organize all the chats into Hubs.
  • If there are typos, messages can easily be deleted or edited.
  • Turn all messages you want to into tasks.

Brief built a system in which all your work-related files, tasks and chats are present in one location.

Video Conversations

Brief allows you to transform every single chat you have into a video conversation in just seconds. This means that whenever you have to have a video chat with partners, clients and your entire team, you just need to click a button and it is done.

The Brief app works perfectly on any Android or iOS device. You open the app on the device and then you just click the phone icon. This allows you to start an audio or video call in seconds. Those that are contacted just need the app in order for the conversation to happen.


The Brief app is really useful as you can so easily have meetings with everyone but it is also great since it helps you to quickly organize everything into Hubs. These are practically workspaces that allow all chats, files, tasks and teams to be organized. You create a Hub for a team, project or topic. Any hub can be shared or private.

Brief Is Free Now

One of the best parts of using the Brief app is that it is now completely free for everyone that wants to use it. You do not have to worry about potentially using the paid option until you try the free option. Brief offers all its features for free so companies and freelancers can use them. All you have to do is go on iTunes or the Google Play app and download it. Then, every single person that uses it has access to the system you create for effectively managing all tasks.

Brief is free until Q3 of 2019, with business options then starting at just $10.99 per month, when paid yearly, per user.