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Muslim anger: a part of the belief

I was just listening to The conversation (NPR: KUOW) about the current headline that Muslims are freaking out because of an offensive cartoon published by a Denmark news agency.

During the show, an Olympia Muslim leader said one thing that resonates with me. He said “We teach that if you are not angry about something, then you are not a true believer.” What’s amazing to me is if you follow that logic out, you will never have peace. Anger will never lead to harmony.

Another caller hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that what is truely happening is that the reaction to the cartoon is displaying the innate internal anger of the Muslim, which is what the cartoon depicted.

Anyway, I think it’s simply interesting to see the reaction to the cartoon. What’s your reaction?

Here’s the actual images, also reprinted on:
Michelle Malkin’s blog and Gaijin Biker’s blog.


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