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Is destruction “art”?

So, I was listening to NPR the other night and it pertained a dialogue I’ve been having with some friends. There was some incident where one artist took a hammer to another artist’s work, for the sake of artistic expression. The “vandal” said that the original artist, whom he was very familiar with and studied for most of his life, would have approved of his art.

The French chick that NPR was interviewing said that the original artist probably would be polite, but not necessarily think it was appropriate. Towards the end of the interview she said a few things that really caught my attention.

First, she inferred that destruction is not art. I wonder, what do you think? Can destruction be considered art?

It leads to the opposite question, is creation the only method of art? Also, the more fundamental question, what is the definition of art? And, what is the purpose of “creating” art?

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