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Geocoding the Bible & Twitter

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The Bible Twitters, How About You?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about the religious front. Some of you probably didn’t even know I was a Christian.

Ta da!

Anyway, I’m not here to convert. However, there’s been some interesting adoption of things like Twitter by the folks who produce the ESV Bible. They are twittering a bible verse a day (or a portion of it, as the case may be with 143 characters). I think this is a pretty cool way of using Twitter.

I’m not really into using Twitter personally (yet). I tried, but I find it taking up more time and spilling more beans than I care to at the moment. I’m also not sure many people care what I’m doing at every second of the day. But, to use it commercially (or organically? organisicially?… hmmm… what’s the word for using it in an organization, but not for commercial use?.. can you tell I’m still sick?) seems like a great method. Useful. Productive. Enhances communication from something big and impersonal. Check, check and check.

Bible geocoding + Google Earth = Cool mashup

On a slightly different note, another adoption that seems interesting is whoever is running has taken a first sweep at geocoding anything that can be geocoded from the Bible – not, for instance, sheep. It’s not revolutionary, but it is interesting because I haven’t seen it done yet, until now. It’s a great mashup.

Apparently the first sweep is geocoding down to the city level. But, it sounds like they may go a little deeper and geocode things like specific locations inside of Jerusalem. That will be even more interesting considering there are quite a few places that are pretty hotly debated even inside of Christianity. Good luck buddy. I wish you well, and I am stalking you now to find out what other things you’ll be doing with Bible data.

Note: I’d like to thank my friend Ted for pointing out that the bible twitters which led me to the mashup. Thanks Ted.

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