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3 Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

An unfortunate fact of the business world is that it’s never been easy to run and grow a store.

Replace “store” with “online store” and that fact holds even more substance. With new companies popping up every day and traditional brick-and-mortar giants going online, it’s safe to say that ecommerce has become a dog-eat-dog world in recent times. Being able to differentiate ourselves and gain customers on a regular basis is the ultimate challenge we face in this cutthroat industry with thousands of other businesses competing for the same demographic.

Simply put, ecommerce is a ruthless industry to be in.

But that doesn’t mean to say you should give up or be content with how your online store is currently performing. There are ways to fight back and grow your business. There are ways to drive more sales. And that’s what this blog post is all about. Below we share the specific tactics that you can implement to increase sales revenue, while also breaking down the reason why each tactic works.

Let’s get started!

1. Write Compelling Product Descriptions

At the center of your store are the products you sell. If you want your ecommerce store to shine, your product pages need to be compelling. Also, ecommerce SEO tips from authoritative sources recommend store owners to keep use relevant keywords throughout the description. For example, a store owner selling luxury brands should be using keywords like “high-end” and “luxury” in his/her product descriptions. Other than that, product descriptions should touch on people’s pain points and describe how the listed item can help fix those pain points. By detailing how the products will work for the buyer, you’d be making it easy for people to make a buying decision.

2. Make Special Offers Noticeable

Many ecommerce stores are quite busy looking. They have new product listings, announcements, and videos taking up the home screen. This means consumers can end up missing special offers. To prevent your deals and discounted offers from getting lost in oblivion, highlight your special deals in a manner that people can’t miss them. For example, you can install a “hello bar” that’ll appear at the top of your webpage. Based on pre-defined behavior, you can use this bar to display specific offers to a particular segment of your audience. Likewise, you could use popups to endorse your discounted deals. Both tactics will make it convenient for your shopper to take advantage. Rather than choosing blindly, conduct A/B testing to find out whether a hello bar or a pop-up works better.

3. Give Social Proof

Another way to break through those “double-check” and “is-it-credible” barriers is to provide social proof. Show potential buyers that real companies and individuals are already using your items. Online buyers are sheep; they want to know if others have faith in your service. Clothing and fashion retailer ASOS is a great example of how to execute social proof. Their #AsSeenOnMe campaign is one of the best out there. Customers use this hashtag and upload images of themselves wearing ASOS’s offerings. It convinces people that ASOS’s products are credible. And that boosts their confidence to click the “pay now” button.

Armed with these three tried-and-tested tips, you’d be able to boost your ecommerce sales without throwing money on additional marketing.