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20 Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming soon (May 9th in the US) and since at least 50% of us in the world have at least a couple moms. It could be time consuming having to come up with something unique for a gift for Mother’s Day. So, instead of it being a chore, I’m here to give you some unique gift ideas that I think your mom(s) will love.

So, I’m actually being a little proactive here and shelling out both traditional and unique gift ideas. Of course, every mother is different, and each relationship is different, so you can’t expect all of these gift ideas to be pertinent to your mom. This is just a beginners list, so please add your ideas in the comments if you have some good ideas too.

To mom.. Happy Mother's Day! (image credit: wadefromoklahoma on flickr)

To mom.. Happy Mother's Day! (image credit: wadefromoklahoma on flickr)

The list of Gift Ideas for your Mother’s Day

  1. Perfume
  2. A body lotion gift set
  3. Unique candle gift set
  4. Bath and body sprays and creams
  5. Roses
  6. Other types of flowers
  7. Citrus spa gift basket
  8. Luxury spa gift basket
  9. Fresh baked goodness
  10. Calming candles
  11. Taste of Tuscany gift basket
  12. Tea gift basket
  13. Basket o’ chocolate
  14. An exotic plant
  15. A gourmet meal, delivered to her door *
  16. A photo of your family put to canvas*
  17. A gift card to a wine club *
  18. A wine club subscription *
  19. Bus, wine or adventure travel tour
  20. Mother’s Day cruises (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) *

Personally, I like quite a few of these on this list. I added some Mother’s day gifts that are pretty typical, but then there’s some really unique ones for your unique mothers on there too.

What other great Mother’s Day gifts can you think of? What are you going to do for your mom on Mother’s day?