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How to Lead Your Company / Department Through the Election Results

A few quotes / internal memos / examples might help:

I want to acknowledge the distraction that is the US election today. I know most here on this thread aren’t Americans, but I recognize what we do in this country has an impact and is watched. In this company, and in this context, my job is to help us stay focused on what we are able to control and what we are here to do. One step at a time. As a human who watches these political turnings with concern and care, I am with you. I’m distracted as well. That said, let’s do our best to focus and get our jobs done. I know it can be hard. I understand the humanity of it. We have a greater purpose at this point though, which is those kids who benefit from the projects we help fund. Our mission is to help them by doing what we do here. Let’s be the best humans we can and focus on what we can control. Let’s work toward helping each other. Let’s put our minds to working together for a common good for mankind.

Ok, one day at a time. Let’s get today’s work done, rest, and help again tomorrow. Thanks team. You are great people and I appreciate each and every one of you.

And part of a private message (posted with permission):

Humanity is a weird thing.

There are so many things going on in our head. Most, even the ones that are logical, have the possibility of conflicting with reality, shaking us hard at any moment. It’s extremely difficult to get through. And, being involved in a group called a “company” is an even weirder, non-natural thing.

It’s tough to not freak out. It’s even harder still when people share or oppose our opinions, which we hold so dear. And that fragile camaraderie or conflict riles us up even more.

But to what end?

What changes when we emotionally react to similarities or differences?

Ideally our relationships don’t. Ideally our intelligently designed motivation, purpose, calling, and desire for mastery don’t.

And because of that idealism, I find it better to put our heads down and focus even more, as hard as it is, on being the people we were called to be, doing what we were called to do, and simply letting go of those things we can’t control and stay true to being the best humans we can on the planet.