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How to Be An Ass, Then Learn

Ass, by yihaaaaahhh on Flickr

Ass, by yihaaaaahhh on Flickr

This past week I’ve been complete ass to 2 different groups. I’ve single-handedly marginalized two different groups of people. One publicly, one privately.

You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson a long time ago on how to do be an ass. Apparently, I’m a slow learner. Apparently I spent too much time as a kid sniffing lead paint. I just didn’t learn.

Today I did.

How to be an ass (pick one or more)

  • Declare that things are going in the wrong direction when the group has already decided to go that way
  • Whine about a team’s action or lack-there-of
  • Declare that “this needs to be said”
  • Generally be a prick to those who’ve supported you
  • Don’t accept responsibility and move to be better in a positive way. Sit and complain about things
  • Don’t ever say you’re sorry

What I’ve learned (the hard way)

  • Congratulate the team publicly
  • Correct the individuals privately
  • Listen before you “correct”
  • Being disappointed is ok, but saying it tactfully requires time and planning
  • Never, ever talk when your emotions are raging. Sit and be quiet.

I’m not sure what I’ve learned is everything I need to but I’m documenting these lessons here so that both I and others can point back at them and say “I thought you learned this already, you ass.”

So, publicly, I want to say it again… I’m sorry.