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Something is Radically Wrong

We’ve been told, and we feel, the world is full of noise. We feel guilty about our busyness, but we feel it’s necessary to live in this day and age – to be competitive. I get it. I’m in the club. But, let’s stop for a short minute and consider this quote ….

This is a mystery difficult to grasp in an age that attaches so much importance to publicity. We tend to think that the more people know and talk about something, the more important it must be.

The Ragamuffin Gospel (Amazon) (iTunes/iBooks) by Brennan Manning

Remember The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book? Remember the difference between important and urgent? Of course. And that’s what we all feel guilty about.

But what if we gave in, caved in, and ignored the masses. Remove the fear that we’re missing out. It’s not about what or how much media we consume. It’s about how much importance we put on both the consumption and the content.

Reduce the importance we put on keeping up with trends, or yesterday’s hot episode we talk about on our way to and from our coffee breaks. It’ll reduce anxiety, and hopefully move us towards more important things.

Urgent, popular, and trending is not the same as important.