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Identity Is The New Pink (Platform)

I’ve realized that most of what I create on the web is about 2 years ahead of it’s time.  And as much as I can both pat myself on the back and at the same time get depressed about the fact I didn’t make billions off of my ideas, there are many more people who are further ahead than I am.  I’ve never been a fashion trend watcher, but I do watch technology and how it affects sociology (and hopefully vice-versa).

However, there are a few people I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to and happy to call friends who I’ve estimated are about 5 years ahead of their time.  These people affect my decisions. They affect my opinions. They affect my beliefs of where things are headed.

So, you want to know who these people are?  Here’s one of them.  Chris Messina (aka Factory Joe).  I’m including his most recent talk on identity below.  If you believe I’m even partially smart, and you want to be smarter than me, you need to be listening to what this guy says.  Listen. Absorb. Think. Create.

Identity is the Platform from Chris Messina on Vimeo.