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Gluten Free Guides for Your City

Gluten Free Guides (.org), a guide to local gluten free restaurants, menus, grocery stores, and foods.

This is the newest project I’ve started recently.

The story behind it is that my wife found out about a year ago that she was gluten intolerant. Some people have what’s called Celiac disease, which is not just being gluten intolerant, but actually deathly allergic.

If you don’t know already, gluten is a byproduct of wheat. The theory is that the problem is that our food has been engineered so many times over that the byproduct (gluten) has now become too large to digest. So now, there’s a massive amount of weird symptoms for those who are gluten intolerant – many times the person doesn’t even know they’re gluten intolerant at all, so we just go along our daily lives not even thinking about it.

In my wife’s case, she had a direct correlation between gluten and what we thought was IBS. 15 minutes after eating anything with gluten in it, she’d have a stomach ache so bad she’d double over for the next hour.

So, after living with it for 25 years, she finally figured out what it was by process of elimination and a ton of experimentation. Now, she’s not deathly allergic to it like a celiac would be, but it’s enough of an allergy and consequence of eating it that it makes a pretty compelling motivational factor to avoid it. She figured all this out about a year ago (we think not coincidentally the same time she became pregnant).

Since that time, she’s become a wealth of knowledge to her friends who are just figuring out now that they are gluten intolerant also, or at least have the symptoms.

I thought it was time we started sharing this information a bit easier than by word of mouth. Thus, the Gluten Free Guides was born… well, almost. It’s being built as we speak, so if you follow the link today you’ll not find anything of value… but this is where you come in.

How you can help:

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably got some knowledge of gluten intolerance or celiac disease. And if that’s the case, you can be a huge resource to your community too! We don’t pretend to know everything about gluten. We know some of the restaurants who have gluten free menus, grocery stores which have good (and terrible) gluten free foods, and some gluten free recipes you can make at home. But we don’t know them all – even for just San Diego.

So, we’re starting a website that will allow us (and you) to add, review, and discuss all these things. We plan on starting with San Diego, but if you’re in another city, let us know and once it’s ready we’ll open it up to you in your city too (tell us in the comments which city you’re in).

That all being said, we want your ideas too. What would make your day in regards to gluten free city guides? What would make you come back and use it all the time? What information would you think would be invaluable? Tell us everything. We want it to be the best possible guide possible – and applicable to our every day lives.

Come on… give us your best shot.