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Quick Note: New Products Page

I promise to keep this short and sweet. I wanted to formally announce my new products page, which will list all the products, scripts, etc that I’ll be selling from this blog. Unfortunately, pages are not included in the RSS feed for a blog, which is why I’m announcing it here and now.

What’s on it right now?

Ta da!

The Affiliate TinyURL Link Creator

You know, the one I created for Jed a few weeks ago. It runs a search on Amazon for anything you want and returns a TinyURL. Better than that, you can enter your Affiliate ID and it will include that in the TinyURL. Mmmm, goodness. Read more…

The Gargantuan List of California Contractors

What do you do when someone pays you to gather up the contact info, license and bonding information, and other interesting things about all 625,000 270,000 active construction contractors in the state of California? You sell it. Feel free to make me an offer. Read more…

All this and more is located on the new Products page here.

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