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iPhone Bugs and Website Features Not Working on the iPhone

I’ve been playing with every feature on the iPhone that I can, using it as much as possible in my daily life and showing it off to other people. Doing so has shown me a few bugs in the system they have to work out.

Here’s what I have. Feel free to add to this list of iPhone bugs and crashes if you have any others you’d like to note:

  • Safari crashes (closes, no errors, goes back to home screen) when you hit a page that has a javascript error on it. Case in point is when you try to add a comment to an invitation to an event on Pownce.
  • Google Maps crashes (closes, no errors, goes back to home screen) when the lag on the EDGE network is too great for it to handle. Try pinching in and out and then switching from map to satellite and vice versa. Eventually, if the tiles don’t update quick enough, something throws an error and it crashes.
  • Downloading an image (.jpg) in Mail freezes the entire phone. Yup, this one just happened a few minutes ago. To power down, I guessed correctly with a combo of buttons – namely the sleep button (on the top) and the home screen button, holding them both for about 5 seconds turns the iPhone off.
  • Can’t view all of the YouTube videos (yet). I’m assuming this isn’t a bug, as I’ve heard a rumor that YouTube is converting every one of their videos to H.264, which is awesome. The problem is that I can’t watch much of anything my friends send me on my iPhone, even though the YouTube application is installed, unless it happens to be the 1% of the videos that fit in the categories of Most Recent or Most Watched. That just sucks, even if it’s not a bug. Hurry! I want my YouTube!
  • Can’t update Facebook status. Now this one is more just annoying than anything. Facebook, fix your crap.
  • Can’t set a “home page” on Safari. Again, just a minor annoyance, but I’ll get used to it not being there. At least let me set it to not load anything (blank page) if I want.
  • Flash not being on Safari is a huge thing on my wish-list.

What bugs and crashes have you experienced so far? What website functionality doesn’t work for you that you wish did?

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