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Perfect Quotes – Another Great WP Plugin

I’ve personally been developing on WordPress for years, as you may already know. Business-wise, WordPress development has been a good little addition to our corporate (and personal) income too.  Lately we’ve been fortunate enough in our San Diego web development business to be able to hire my brother-in-law.  We were in desperate need for a project manager who knew how to design and develop and he’s been an invaluable asset to our company.  One great attitude Brandon has is that he’s always excited to learn.  So, of course I started pushing him down the WordPress road.  In doing so, he came up with this sweet little plugin he decided to call “Perfect Quotes” – a fitting name.

The beauty of this plugin is in it’s simplicity.  Brandon did a great job of putting it all together, and I just couldn’t help but give him props for his great work on it.

As of this writing, he’s had over 1600 downloads and it’s been a great success.  We’ve even come up with a little spin-off that he may build which we’re dubbing “Perfect Testimonials”.  Of course we’ll write about it when/if it becomes available.  But if you’re interested, feel free to leave a comment below or on our blog post about the plugin itself.  Feel free to thank him for his awesome work too, while you’re there.