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  • Created and launched a FinTech lead distribution platform, capturing $1.5M revenue and 16M leads within 2 years of concept.
  • Executed on $1M in revenue within 18 months creating a partner’s enterprise-level SaaS platform.
  • Created the HR talent management platform in use by one of the world’s top gaming companies.
  • Created a beautiful and easy to use geocoding wrapper API which geocoded and reverse geocoded 1000 queries per minute (21.6M queries per month).
  • Popularized the hashtag on Twitter during the 2007 San Diego wildfires.
  • Was the first to implement keyword filtered RSS feeds (prior to Yahoo) in 2003.

Soft Skills

I enjoy connecting people and technologies to create and capture new revenue sources. As a technical entrepreneur I love helping businesses execute on their visions, creating procedures and systems, hiring technical staff, and bringing exciting new ventures to the market in the most effective way possible for all stakeholders. I am a business strategist and entrepreneur at heart, which shows in the successful companies I help and create.

Coding Skills

Server side:

PHP (custom, Laravel 4/5, and CakePHP frameworks, etc)


MySQL, sqlite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL

Client side:

JavaScript (custom, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, VueJS, etc)




Integration with just about any API,  Photoshop, Smarty Templating Language, WordPress (plugin and theme development), and so much more.


Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP): certified as a Practitioner level Information Systems Analyst (2004)


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