Nissan Patrol Parts Manual Catalog

This parts manual is extremely rare and very difficult to find. So, since I found it, I scanned it in and am now selling it here. It is specifically for 1960-1980 Nissan Patrols (L60U and LK60U models).

Evie Karlsson-Tornquist – Come on Ring Those Bells (Download)

In 2008, you couldn’t find the quintessential Christian Christmas song/album called Come On Ring Those Bells, by Evie Karlsson-Tornquist.  So, I compiled it and put it up on the internet for everyone to enjoy again.

AdvoCare Community – the 24 Day Challenge Online

Using my business partner’s experiences with AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge, we decided to make an easier way to do the 24 Day Challenge, since it’s so cumbersome to do with paper and pencil.  We also decided to start using it (and thus selling it) as a sales tool too.  Now it’s easy to do the 24 Day Challenge, and if you’re a distributor, you can use it as a sales tool and simply invite your friends.  Easy peasy.

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