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Helping People Everywhere Through the San Diego Fires

Thanks to OaklandNativeYesterday and this morning this blog’s contact form and comments along with my twitter feed turned into a help center. I had news information and help requests coming in from every method of communication I had available; tv, radio, phone, SMS, twitter, instant messenger, email, twitter direct messages, my contact form on this blog, and face to face. I helped people as far away as Vermont to get information about their families homes and ranches because cell phone lines went down.

Media resources were going down across the state (Sign on San Diego fire blog went down, KBPS-FM went down, etc), and the more that happened the more I felt obligated to keep up on the updates. I started around 9am yesterday morning and consistently kept up for 12 hours, at which time I took a 15 minute break to rest my hands and get something to eat.

It’s been a crazy day to say the least, and from the media and blogs who have been linking here and to my twitter feed, I (and so many others) thank you.

Please help

Thankfully, we were not evacuated (although the evacuations were only a few miles away from us, and the fire around 15 miles away). So, I was able to keep updating for other people around the city and outside the city until midnight last night. This morning I started up again.

If you’ve been helped by something like this new media, I would love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave a comment, story, etc.

Thanks guys, and please, keep an eye on the twitter feed for updated information on who can use help.

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